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Boston Bootcamp Calorie Counter
Use our Bootcamp Calorie Counter to make sure that you have enough energy to workout & lose weight
Boot Camp Walking Calorie Counter
Walking is a fantastic "low impact" way of burning calories. Use this calculator to work out your calorie loss.
Boot camp Boston Power Training
Strength & Resistance Training is an integral part of any fitness program. Use this to work out your one rep max.

Strongman Training At Bootcamp Boston

Bootcamp & Strongman Training In Boston Many people quickly see and enjoy the benefits of fitness training however they very soon hit plateaus and fail to make the gains in their fitness that they once did. This is because the human body is one of the most adaptable organisms on the planet and will quickly “adapt” to the same old exercise routines and types of training. Fitness coaches have for a long time, known that distance runners need to practice sprinting, and strength athletes mix up their routines e.g. if an athlete continues to lift the same weight, for the same number of repetitions, over a period of time, they will actually lose bulk – the muscles will become more efficient at doing the same amount of work and stop recruiting as many fibers to do the work.

Finding new ways to challenge the body can be difficult, and this is why we employ a variety of training methods and equipment in our bootcamps, to ensure that the body is always “surprised” by our workouts. Strongman training is one of the methods that we’ve found most effective for building real functional strength that has a wide array of benefits outside of the gym. The objects that we lift in our everyday lives are not regular and balanced like barbells and dumbbells, but awkward and irregular. Strongman lifting teaches you how to maintain the correct posture and balance to lift such objects in a natural and safe way.

Strongman Training & Bootcamp In Boston All of the strongman lifts utilize the body’s natural way to lift. The Strongman lifts are inherent movements that the body accomplishes naturally, unlike a lot of regular strength training lifts where the correct form has to be taught in stages. This is why we teach strongman lifting right from the get go, as we can have people safely lifting heavy weights is a very short period of time.

Our use of “novel” and original equipment and training methods will help you to avoid plateauing and to continue to make improvements in your fitness. Strongman training is just one of the things, which makes our bootcamps so unique.

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