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Boston Bootcamp Calorie Counter
Use our Bootcamp Calorie Counter to make sure that you have enough energy to workout & lose weight
Boot Camp Walking Calorie Counter
Walking is a fantastic "low impact" way of burning calories. Use this calculator to work out your calorie loss.
Boot camp Boston Power Training
Strength & Resistance Training is an integral part of any fitness program. Use this to work out your one rep max.

Strength Training In Boston

Gone are the days when lifting weights were the preserve of Body Builders and others who simply wanted to bulk up for the beach. In today’s modern sporting world you would be hard pressed to find any athlete who didn’t engage in some form of strength and resistance training.

One of the biggest misconceptions about weight and resistance training is that it will naturally bulk and enlarge the muscles – although weight training can be tailored for this goal (our gym has dumbbells ranging up to 150 lbs.!) it doesn’t have to be this way – Olympic Weight Lifters, constantly up their poundage’s without having to move up weight categories. Weight and strength training is as much about training existing muscle to work effectively as it is about building and developing muscle. Most people’s back pain derives from muscles not being able to work and fire; building muscle bulk wouldn’t solve the problem. Our Boot Camp programs aim at teaching muscles to fire, as well as strengthening them.

Boot Camp Strength Training & Weight Loss

Weight and resistance training will also aid and speed up Lifting a weight, or carrying a weight etc produces a load on the body that the legs, hips etc will need to respond to by strengthening and increasing bone density.

Anytime you lift something up, especially if it is irregular in shape and size your core muscles are engaged. These are the deep and smaller muscles of the back and middle that help us stand straight and keep us in alignement. For many people who spend a lot of their daily life seated e.g. working in an office, driving etc these muscles will waste and atrophy. Our Boot Camp sessions will ensure that these start to engage again and re-develop their strength. When this happens you can say good bye to much of your back pains and stiffen and start to walk with an added inch of height etc.

We don’t promise miracles however we are sure that the improvements you will see in the quality of your life, in weight-loss and fitness improvements will keep you training with us.

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