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Fitness Resources

Boston Bootcamp Calorie Counter
Use our Bootcamp Calorie Counter to make sure that you have enough energy to workout & lose weight
Boot Camp Walking Calorie Counter
Walking is a fantastic "low impact" way of burning calories. Use this calculator to work out your calorie loss.
Boot camp Boston Power Training
Strength & Resistance Training is an integral part of any fitness program. Use this to work out your one rep max.

Personal Training In Boston

Boot Camp Training In Boston One-on-One and Small Group training have various benefits. If an individual has particular fitness goals, or wishes to train for a particular sport or event and needs a program designed specifically for them then personal training may well be the way to go. We have a track-record of designing training programs for individuals who are looking to participate in their first marathon, fun run or extreme event (such as “Tough Mudder”, “Spartan Run” etc). We understand the unique aspects of different sports and events and can design functional training programs for them. Our gym is equipped with, lifting cages and platforms, free weights, dumbbells and kettlebells along with rogue training equipment such as throwing dummies and Bulgarian lifting sacks.

It may be that you can’t make the times that our classes are offered or that you just don’t feel ready to participate in our regular Boot Camps. Whatever your reasons for wanting a personal approach to fitness and training we’d be happy to talk to you about it and hopefully accommodate your needs.

Our approach is extremely simple, we engage in a client interview where you come to our studio and discuss your goals, training aims and availability to train. If we both feel there is a match, we will schedule you in for a “Client Appraisal” session, where we monitor your current fitness and exercise position and set some targets and goals which we can monitor and judge success by. Between the results from this session and the first interview/meeting we will design a program for you. The next step is to start training!

If you are interested in combining this with Krav Maga, reality based self-defense, training, we can create a hybrid program that addresses both your fitness and self-defense needs.