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Krav Maga Training In Boston

Boot Camp Training In Boston Our Bootcamp Program is the “Cosher Kravi” component of our Krav Maga program. Krav Maga is the Israeli Military’s system of hand-to-hand combat. Meaning “Contact Combat” in Hebrew, it is a system of self-defense that relies on instinctive and reflexive movements that the body performs when threatened or attacked. Rather than teaching you techniques that will be difficult or impossible to make work under the high stress and emotion of a real-life assault, Krav Maga techniques accept the body’s limitations and works from this point. This makes it an extremely straightforward system of fighting to learn and one which can be easily remembered and recalled when facing a real-life violent situation.

Our Krav Maga Program is taught by Gershon Ben Keren a 3rd Degree Black Belt, who was trained and certified in Israel – and who regularly returns to update his training. In our classes you will learn authentic Israeli Krav Maga direct from the source. You will learn how to deal with single and multiple attackers, as well as those who may be armed – knife, stick, gun etc. You will train from standing, from seated and when on the ground. Whatever type of attack or assault you may face, we will train you how to deal with it.

We have a history of bring the world’s best Krav Maga and self-defense instructors to our Boston studio to conduct seminars and workshops - much of this is possible because of our strong connections to Israel (Gershon Ben Keren was inducted into the Museum of Israeli Martial Arts in 2012). The system is suitable for both men and women and we offer an authentic and realistic training experience. If you would like to book a free Krav Maga class and see why the system is taught throughout the world to top law enforcement agencies and military units please use the button below.

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