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Boston Bootcamp Calorie Counter
Use our Bootcamp Calorie Counter to make sure that you have enough energy to workout & lose weight
Boot Camp Walking Calorie Counter
Walking is a fantastic "low impact" way of burning calories. Use this calculator to work out your calorie loss.
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Instructors At Bootcamp Boston

Boot Camp Boston Instructor - Gershon Ben Keren

Gershon Ben Keren has been involved in the fitness industry for most of his adult life, teaching group exercise classes (Boot Camps, Circuit Training etc), designing programs for individuals (Personal Training) and teaching members of Special Units/Forces Krav Maga – the “Close Combat” system of the Israeli Military.

He holds fitness and teaching certifications in: Gym Instruction, Client Appraisal, Olympic Weightlifting Strongman Training, Personal Training, Outdoor Exercise and “Olympic Lifting” to name but a few. He has been certified by respected organizations such as the YMCA, HFI and BAWA. He is also First Aid, CPR and AED certified.

For the past 20 years he has been designing fitness programs that encourage weight-loss, active/healthy living and physical exercise. In 2006, he and a group of exercise professionals took the IDF’s “Cosher Kravi”, Combat Fitness program and adapted it for civilian use – it was originally titled CQB Fitness. It took traditional military Boot Camp training and mixed it with modern martial arts and self-defense conditioning to create a dynamic an exciting workout regime.

Gershon, is the head instructor of Krav Maga Yashir Boston, a 16 000 Sq Ft training facility on Boston Harbor, where he teaches authentic Israeli Krav Maga.

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