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Boston Bootcamp Calorie Counter
Use our Bootcamp Calorie Counter to make sure that you have enough energy to workout & lose weight
Boot Camp Walking Calorie Counter
Walking is a fantastic "low impact" way of burning calories. Use this calculator to work out your calorie loss.
Boot camp Boston Power Training
Strength & Resistance Training is an integral part of any fitness program. Use this to work out your one rep max.

Aerobic Fitness Training In Boston

Boot Camp Training In Boston

Aerobic training is that where muscles work in the presence of Oxygen. When you start to train with more intensity the body won’t be able to supply enough Oxygen to meet its demands and so it moves over to the anaerobic energy system. Oxygen is important because without it fat doesn’t burn as quickly or to the same degree. The aerobic system’s fuel is Carbohydrate, Fat and Oxygen. This is why more fat calories are burned as a percentage when the heart-rate doesn’t exceed a certain level – it’s why walking and jogging are important general health activities. Adding a 3 mile walk twice a week to your exercise program is a great fat-burning addition. One of the best all-weather trainers you can buy is a dog – it needs walking every day and in all weathers.

We have a great Walking Calorie Counter on our weight loss page, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Aerobic activities include running, cycling walking and any continuous activity that is carried out at a low heart rate. Most of our Boot Camp workouts will start off aerobically but then rapidly move you to an anaerobic state, where your total calorie workout will be higher and your overall fat burning will be higher. The other benefit to training in this way, is that your body will be burning calories for a long time after the training session has ended – this stage is known as the “after burn”

We always advocate that aerobic training, such as running and walking should be combined with some form of strength & resistance training for maximum weight loss and fitness gains.

We use aerobic training as an active rest between the more intensive (anaerobic) components of our training. This way you get the benefits of both types of training within the same workout whilst spending most of the time at this higher intensity e.g. you get the benefits of a long run with those of a short sprint.

Over the course of our Boot Camp training you will see your aerobic base and foundation start to rise. This means you will find yourself less out of breath when climbing long flights of stairs etc and enjoy a faster rate of recovery when running/sprinting to catch a bus or train.

Boston Boot Camp Walking Calories and Distance Calculator

How many calories do you burn in walking 30 minutes? Enter your walking minutes, weight and your walking pace to find out how many calories you burned in that time.

2 mph - 30 minutes per mile or slower
2 mph - 30 minutes per mile or faster
2.5 mph - 24 minutes per mile or faster
3 mph - 20 minutes per mile or faster
4 mph - 15 minutes per mile or faster
4.5 mph - 13 minutes per mile or faster
5 mph - 12 minutes per mile or faster