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Walking is a fantastic "low impact" way of burning calories. Use this calculator to work out your calorie loss.
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About Bootcamp Boston

Boot Camp Training In Boston Our Boston Boot Camps have been designed by fitness professional Gershon Ben Keren, who has been a personal trainer and fitness specialist for over 20 years (he holds HFI and YMCA fitness certifications, as well as Olympic Lifting certifications from BAWA). He has trained with the top “Cosher Kravi” – Combat Fitness specialists in the IDF (Israeli Military), some of whom were fitness and conditioning trainers to Sayeret Matkal, Israel’s most elite Special Forces unit. To read more about Gershon please click here.

Our fitness training and boot camps are based on the same exercises, drills and format that are used by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) to take a: new, untrained, inexperienced and possibly out of shape recruit to a level of fitness, strength, weight loss etc, that is required for a member of one of the toughest armies on the planet. The Israeli Military uses fun and enjoyable work-outs and drills that incorporate team building games and exercises, which allow an individual to forget that they are actually trying to get fit and instead makes them focus their mind on the goal and outcome of the task they’ve been set.

Boot Camp & Fitness Training In Boston In our Boston Boot Camps you will train with partners, with teams and on your own, using body-weight exercises, dumbbells, Kettlebells, medicine balls, rifles (training not real!) etc to accomplish tasks and goals. Not only will you receive a great workout that will yield amazing results but you will also get a sense of accomplishment and leave each session with a sense of camaraderie and pride in your own and your fellow “boot campers” achievements. There is no better way to start your day than accomplishing a shared goal with others whilst getting a phenomenal workout. This is training tough the army way.

Our Boot Camps incorporate Strength & Resistance Training and give a fantastic aerobic workout.

Our Boston boot camp classes run for 45 minutes (Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs & Sat) and incorporate resistance and aerobic training into one comprehensive workout that is aimed at taking you to your next fitness level and achieving your weight-loss goals. Our Boot Camp Instructor’s are understanding fitness professionals who know how to both motivate and safely push you to train at ever increasing levels of exercise and intensity – this is the key to seeing continued fitness improvements and gains. Our Boston Boot Camp uses a variety of training methods that prevents your body reaching a level of ease in the workouts so that it is continually having to adapt and improve its performance. It is this which prevents you from reaching plateaus and “Leveling Out”, which occurs in most workout regimes.

We also offer advice on exercise and nutrition. This website even provides a special online Calorie Calculator to hep you assess the number of calories you need and in what form e.g. proteins, carbohydrates and fats, to realize your fitness and weight loss goals.

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